Whitby Autumn Angling Festival 2019 – Official Results

Saturday 07th to Sunday 22nd September

£1000 prize for the heaviest fish

Daily prizes of £50/£30/£20 for the 3 heaviest fish on each day


Saturday 07th September


Sunday 08th September

1st-Nigel Hall-East Cowton-24lb-02oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

2nd-Carl Queen-Doncaster-10lb-03oz-Ling-Alliance

joint 3rd-Graham Christie-Wakefield-09lb-00oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

joint 3rd-Rob Stark-Scarborough-09lb-00oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’


Monday 09th September

1st-Mark Dunbar-Ingleby Barwick-15lb-10oz-Ling-Mistress

2nd & 3rd-Neil Cummings-Marske-14lb-01oz/11lb-11oz-Ling-Mistress


Tuesday 10th September

1st-Gary Rennard-Whitby-23lb-12oz-Ling-Two Dogs

2nd-Derek Barraclough-Castleford-16lb-08oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Paul Bootland-Huddersfield-11lb-14oz-Pollack-Alliance


Wednesday 11th September



Thursday 12th September

1st-John Robinson-Lancaster-14lb-15oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

2nd-John Armstrong-Doncaster-09lb-09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

3rd-Richard Sutcliff-Doncaster-06lb-09oz-Pollack-Sea Otter 2


Friday 13th September

1st-Dave Utley-Rotherham-13lb-04oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Fergus Powell-Whitby-10lb-07oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Graham Johns-Boston-08lb-15oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

Saturday 14th September

1st-Abid Hussain (and son)-Keighley-14lb-12oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Lyall Anderson-Lancaster-11lb-15oz-Cod-Mistress

3rd-Phil Marshall-Morecambe-09lb-07oz-Ling-Mistress

Sunday 15th September

1st-Paul Smalley-Scarborough-16lb-01oz-Ling-Mistress

2nd-Alan Beagrie-Eston-11lb-12oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Furgus Powell-Whitby-07lb-07oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Monday 16th September

1st-Colin Haddock-Thorndon-08lb-06oz-Ling-Mistress

2nd-Otto Chamberlain-Occold Ryr (Suffolk)-06lb-15oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Andy Savage-Malton-06lb-06oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Tuesday 17th September


Wednesday 18th September

1st-David Makings-Preesall-09lb-12oz-Ling-Trot On

2nd-Mark Wilkinson-Bradford-08lb-07oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Glynn Hughes-Halifax-07lb-04oz-Cod-Mistress

Thursday 19th September

1st-Phil Savage-Chesterfield-18lb-01oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

2nd-Olly Southgate-Londesborough (east yorks)-13lb-03oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Brian Sutton-Stanley-11lb-03oz-Ling-Mistress

Friday 20th September

1st-Joe Bakewell-Leicester-14lb-00oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

2nd-Stan Matthews-York-13lb-14oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Gary Jones-Barnsley-13lb-11oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Saturday 21st September


Sunday 22nd September

1st-Bishal Dey-Hyde-16lb-15oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-David Jenkins-Darlington-11lb-01oz-Ling-Alexia

3rd-Ray Daniel-Darlington-10lb-13oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’




Nigel Hall from East Cowton-24lb-02oz-Ling, from the charter boat Shy Torque 111

Autumn festival presentation 12/10/2019

Richard Ward (W.C.S.A. treasure and skipper of Shy Torque 111)

Festival winner-£1000-Nigel Ward from East Cowton

Levi Grainger (representing sponsors Mr Chips)

Richard Ward (W.C.S.A. treasure and skipper of Shy Torque 111)

Festival winner-£1000-Nigel Hall from East Cowton

Chris McMillan and Claire Torvill (Sponsors and landlords of the Star Inn Whitby)

A big thank you to Chris and Claire for the use of the Star Inn and a warm welcome and the food.