Whitby Charter Skippers Association Summer Festival 2019 Results


Day 1

1st-Gary Jones-Barnsley-20lb-00oz-Ling-Two Dogs

2nd-Robert Baily-Rotherham-10lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs

3rd-Mick Spencer-Pontefract-09lb-05oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’

Day 2 

1st-Jason Shields-Driffield-10lb-14oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Chris Mangan-Whitby-09lb-11oz-Ling-Trot On

3rd-Colin-Beadle-Darlington-08lb-12oz-Cod-Jean ‘K’

Species Section

Krzysztof Napierala-Driffield-02lb-06oz-Ballan Wrasse-25.57%-Sea Otter 2

Day 3

1st-Paul Burgoine-Coventry-08lb-14oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Jeffrey Curren-Bolton-06lb-12oz-Ling-Trot On

3rd-Steve Bradbury-Pontefract-06lb-10oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6

1st-Anne Dolman-Burnley-16lb-07oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Shawn Cowlishaw-Chesterfield-13lb-02 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

3rd-Dave Massey-Malton-12lb-12oz-Loing-Shy Torque 111

Species section

Alan Wing-Sheffield-01lb-05oz-Tadpole fish-95.24%-Sea Otter 2 (just 01oz-04drams short of the UK boat record).

Day 7

1st-Richard Hordbrou-Barnsley-09lb-11oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

2nd-Steve Storey-Grantham-09lb-10oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Tyler Arthur-Darwen-09lb-06oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Junior Section

Tyler Arthur-Darwen-09lb-06oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Max Mitchell-Ellerton-06lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs


29th June

1st-Tim Poxon-Chorley-13lb-11oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Paul Hume-Coldstream-11lb-14oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

3rd-Niki Lee McCourt-Whitby-10lb-05oz-Ling-Mistress

Ladies section-Sam Spence-Kilnsey-09lb-15oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Junior section-Henry Evans-Doncaster-05lb-07oz-Ling-Two Dogs

30th June

1st-Lee Chandler-Harrogate-07lb-08oz-Cod-Alexia

2nd-Artur Karbarz-Skipton-05lb-15oz-Pollack-Shy Torque 111

joint 3rd-Steven Bale colkirk-05lb-09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

joint 3rd-Nigel Hall East Cowton-05lb-09oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Species section-Richard Todd-Hornsea-01lb-10oz-Pouting-30.07%-Shy Torque

1st July


2nd July

1st-George Ho-Rochdale-10lb-09oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111


2nd-Graham Foster-Retford-10lb-01oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111



3rd-Dennis Trinh-Stockport-09lb-06oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111


3rd July Results

1st-Steve Walker-Hull-10lb-05oz-Cod-Alexia


2nd-Matthew Metcalfe-Sheffield-09lb-04oz-Ling-Mistress


3rd-Les Walder-Telford-08lb-02oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

4th July

1st Anthony Casey-Bradford-08lb-05oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111


2nd-John Hawkins-Wakefield-07lb-07oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2


3rd-Joe Fee-Bradford-06lb-03oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111



5th July



1st-John Shears-Clitheroe-06lb-11oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111



2nd-Andy Davies-Hartlepool-05lb-08oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Stephen-Howarth-Clitheroe-05lb-00oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111


6th July


1st-Ian Hill-Macclesfield-03lb-13oz-Ling-Alliance

joint 2nd-Ian Hill-Macclesfield-03lb-03oz-Cod-Alliance


joint 2nd-Kristian Harrison-Whitby-03lb-03oz-Cod-Alliance





7th July


1st-Daniel Johnson-Whitby-10lb-12oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2


2nd-John Lloyd-Barnsley-09lb-06oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

3rd-Dave Shay-Doncaster-08lb-08oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111


8th July Result

1st-Richard Mower-Rotherham-12lb-10oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2


2nd-Richard Jacques-Castleford-11lb-14oz-Ling-Trot On


3rd-Phil Robinson-Cheltenham-08lb-09oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111


Junior section

Jake Moir-Newcastle-06lb-09oz-Ling-Mistress



Tuesday 9th July

1st-Keith Benson-Chopgate-12lb-05oz-Ling-Two Dogs

2nd-Kevin Hobson-South Cave-10lb-10oz-Ling-Two Dogs

3rd-Alan Johnson-Doncaster-10lb-06oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Wednesday 10th July

1st-Steve Bentley-Lytham St Annes-14lb-14oz-Ling-Mistress

2nd-Jeff McNeil-Malton-09lb-11oz-Ling-Mistress

3rd-Julian Wilkinson-Sheffield-09lb-04oz-Ling-Two dogs


Thursday 11th July

1st-Martin Halliwell-Wrexhan-14lb-11oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Raymond Daniel-Darlington-12lb-13oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’

3rd-Paul Robert-Mahone-Stockton-11lb-12oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

Friday 12th July

1st-David Whitehouse-Pontefract-11lb-06oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Kevin Jones-Barnsley-11lb-05oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’

3rd-junior-Max Mitchell-Ellerton-10lb-09oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Saturday 13th July

1st-Dean Carr-Doncaster-15lb-01oz-Ling-Two Dogs

2nd-Thomas Baxter-Lytham St Annes-10lb-09oz-Ling-Mistress

joint 3rd-John Howes-Burton on Trent-09lb-15oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

joint 3rd-Simon Nadin-Skillington-09lb-15oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

joint 3rd-John White-Nottingham-09lb-15oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

Junior section

Henry Evans-Doncaster-08lb-07oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Sunday 14th July

1st-Shaun Bint-North Skelton-08lb-03oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Grant Watkins-Peterlee-07lb-06oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

3rd-Paul Blair-Hartlepool-07lb-05oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111

Final result’s

Top 4


2nd-£1000-Anne Dolman-Burnley-16lb-07oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

3rd-£500-Dean Carr-Doncaster-15lb-01oz-Ling-Two Dogs

4th-Rod & Reel with braid (courtesy of Nomura) plus a case of mixed Sidewinders.

Steve Bentley-Lytham St Annes-14lb-14oz-Ling-Mistress

Cod section

1st-Tim Poxon-Chorley-13lb-11oz-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Richard Mower-Rotherham-12lb-10oz-Sea Otter 2

3rd-Ryan Pantellerisco-Southport-10lb-09oz-Alexia

Ling section

1st-Gary Jones-Barnsley-20lb-00oz-Two Dogs

2nd-Dean Carr-Doncaster-15lb-01oz-Two Dogs

3rd-Steve Bentley-Lytham St Annes-14lb-14oz-Mistress

Haddock section

1st-Henryk Kulpinski-Kings Lynn-00lb-15oz-Trot On

2nd-No weigh-in

3rd-No weigh-in

Specimen section

1st-Alan Wing-Sheffield-01lb-05oz-Tadpole fish-95,24%-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Richard Todd-Hornsea-01lb-10oz-Pouting-30.07%-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Krzyszof Napierala-Driffield-02lb-06oz-Ballan Wrasse-25.57%-Sea Otter 2

Ladies section

1st-Anne Dolman-Burnley-16lb-07oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

2nd-Sam Spence-Kilnsey-09lb-15oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Anne Dolman-Burnley-07lb-01oz-Cod-Alliance

Junior section

1st-Max Mitchell-Ellerton-10lb-09oz-Ling-Two Dogs

2nd-Tyler Arther-Darwen-09lb-06oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

3rd-Henry Evans-Doncaster-08lb-07oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Next Festival Autumn 7th to the 22nd of September-£1000 first prize.


Presentation evening Saturday 10th  August-08.00pm

at the Middle Earth Tavern Church street Whitby-YO22 4AE


Summer festival presentation evening-10/08/2019

At the Middle Earth Tavern Church street Whitby


1st-£5000-Gary Jones-Barnsley with John Wilford  skipper of Two Dogs

2nd-£1000-Anne Dolman-Burnley with Pete Rose Skipper of Sea Urchin 111

3rd-£500-Dean Carr-Doncaster with Malcolm Pitman from sponsor Hook Line and Sinker Church street Whitby

Cod section

3rd-Ryan Pantellerisco-Southport with Malcolm Pitman

Ling section

1st-Gary Jones-Barnsley with Malcolm Pitman and John Wilford

2nd-Dean Carr-Doncaster with Malcolm Pitman

Ladies section

1st and 3rd-Anne Dolman-Burnley with Malcolm Pitman

The Roy Weatherill Memorial Shield for the heaviest Cod caught in the festival

Anne Dolman-Burnley 16lb-07oz-Sea Urchin 111

A big thank you to all the sponsors for there support.

Jill Blackburn and Sandy Smith landlords of the Middle Earth Tavern Church street Whitby, for the use of the venue and a warm welcome.

And all the anglers and skippers who took part in this years summer festival

Next festival Autumn-Saturday 7th to Sunday 22nd September. £1000.