Shy-Torque III: Skippered By Rich Ward

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Whitby’s fastest boat – Shy Torque III is a Bullet DS38 Islander specially built for charter angling work and offers space, comfort and speed.
Boasting features that include a heated anglers cabin, enough length for anglers to all fish down one side of the boat and state of the art electronics- Shy Torque also carries over 400 gallons of fuel meaning that lengthier charters of 12-14 hours that head out that bit further are well within the boats capability.

Skipper Rich Ward has been chartering since he was 17 and is a fanatical angler himself- and this has given him exceptional insight into the waters off Whitby and immense knowledge of how various conditions can come together to produce sensational fishing.
Shy Torque carries up to twelve anglers but offers great packages for group bookings of 8 or 12 anglers.
Trips are mainly 10 hours in duration but Rich welcomes those wanting trips of between 12 and 18 hours during the Summer months.

A regular prize winner throughout the Whitby Charter Skippers Association Angling Festivals- Shy Torque has seen its anglers bring home some sensational fish that have placed their captors in the top flight.
2007 was a great year when Shy Torque brought home the winning fish in both the Summer and Autumn Festivals and in 2008 John Wilcock netted over £6000 in prize money when he sailed on Shy Torque and bagged the top spot in the Summer Festival.

Fish Caught On Shy Torque
Shy Torque also has an enviable reputation for putting anglers onto the sensational shark fishing that is available out of Whitby- with sharks of over 300lb among the many Rich has seen boated.
Sharking trips are 12 hours long and top quality heavy duty Shimano tackle is available for anglers to use on these exciting trips.

For more information on Shy Torque III call Rich Ward on 07733233352, email at or visit

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