Sea Spray

Sea Spray

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A fast turbo charged Mitchell 31, SEA SPRAY will take you comfortably and safely to the fishing grounds. With the help of the very latest fish finding technology and a Skipper that looks after you – your chances of catching the big one are vastly improved.

More deck space per angler than most other charter boats in Whitby.

If you like spending your time fishing and less time steaming come aboard.

Malcolm has fished from a very early age (more years than he cares to admit to!) and has followed his passion by changing careers to make it his full-time occupation. His love of fishing shows through with him dropping a line whenever he gets chance, never one to sit in the wheelhouse when there is fishing to be done.

However, if his anglers need his attention – he is there to provide help, advice and even fish if he has caught a few and you’re a bit short.
Multiple Festival winning Skipper and boat

Malcolm welcomes beginners & experts, individuals & groups and anyone else wanting to sample a quality day’s Whitby boat fishing.

CALL FOR DETAILS ON: 07801 473605