Report On Board Shy-Torque III

Ricky Butler, big Alister and their mates from Leeds joined us on Monday for the first of their trips this year. 

I’d explained that we’d been working in very shallow water lately and they would be getting literally a full days angling in their 10 hour trip as we didn’t have to travel very far at all. 

We started off on the rock top just outside the harbour where we grabbed a few jumbo Mackerel and a few Codling to start the day. 

We then proceeded back to where we had been for the past 2 days and the lads were quite amazed at just how close to the shore we were when we stopped. Through the binoculars you could see rabbits running around on the side of the cliffs!! From the very start the lads were in to the cod catching on both the shads and the hokkai traces. A good number of double ups coming aboard on the multi hook traces. 

At the end of the day the lads ended up with well over 100 cod from the grounds. 

On the way back to port we had a stop at the “Bell bouy” to see if the mackerel were still there. They were. They bagged a further 70 -80 in just 2 drifts to take for the barbecue and friends. 

All in all a cracking day for the boys. 

Remember, the summer comp starts on the 23rd June.

£5000.00 Cash 1st prize!

Days left with room are :-

  • Mon 25th. Room for 4.
  • Thurs 12th July. Room for 6.
  • Sun 15th. Room for 6.

Individuals are welcome to join us as always. 

Cheers & tight lines as ever,