Report on-board Shy-Torque III (September)

The last week here at Whitby has seen very mixed fortunes for our anglers.

Some days we have scratted around for very little indeed. Other days we have found a few. We are reckoning that this is due to the amount of feed in the water at present (millions of mackerel at the moment) The amount of Minke whales feeding is incredible.
On Tuesday last week we counted 30 at one point, all working in a 1 mile square. Hundreds of Gannets were also working the area too. It was like watching a Natural World programme on telly!

We have caught fish every time we have sailed but some days have been poor and others have been ok when we have got clear of the feed areas. (I do like to give a true and honest report of things)

Yesterday, we had one of our sponsors on board. Bob Ellis from Focus Training and his friend Richard chartered the boat just for themselves. With fantastic conditions we had a good run offshore for a change to see what things were like out there.
A slow start at first, but as the morning progressed the fishing came on really strong. By midday the lads had a couple of boxes of cod on board and at the end of the day they had over 200 lbs of fish!!

No big cod landed. The best fish falling to Richard at around 7 lbs.

A great days sport, great company and lovely weather too.

Bob & Richard pictured 1st inset.

The September competition is fast approaching and starts on the 15th September. £1000.00 1st prize!!!!
We still have some availability on the boat.

Dates with room are :-
Monday 17th. Room for 1.
Wednesday 19th. Room for 7 (after cancellation)
Tuesday 25th. Room for 9.
Wednesday 28th. Room for 8.
Thursday 27th. Room for 10.
Friday 28th. Room for 8.