Report on-board Shy-Torque III

A few good days, a few not so good days on the boat this last week.

The weather has been the main problem here on the East coast and has taken the edge off what was extremely good fishing a week ago. I would say the last few trips we have averaged around 30 to 40 cod per trip, which is a drop on the catch rate a week ago.

A Northerly swell has also hindered us a bit too, colouring the water up a bit on the more inshore marks. It will clear again soon though hopefully.

The summer comp starts here at Whitby on Sat 23rd June. We only have 2 days left now with any room.

They are :- 
Thursday 12th. Room for 2. Individuals very welcome.
Sunday 15th. Room for 2. Individuals very welcome. 

Tight lines,