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Whitby Charter Skippers Association Summer 2019

Day 1

1st-Gary Jones Barnsley  – Two Dogs

2nd–Robert Baily-Rotherham-10lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs


3rd-Mick Spencer-Pontefract-09lb-05oz-Ling-Jean ‘K’


1st-Jason Shields-Driffield-10lb-14oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

2nd-Chris Mangan-Whitby-09lb-11oz-Ling-Trot On

3rd-Colin-Beadle-Darlington-08lb-12oz-Cod-Jean ‘K’

Report on-board Shy-Torque III

This last weekend fished very well indeed for both Saturdays and Sundays teams. 

We had a mixed group aboard the boat on Saturday. All regular anglers from as far afield as Birmingham and Barnsley. We fished a wreck around 17 miles to start the day off where the lads picked around 25 fish from it. 
We moved back inshore a bit then, where the lads picked steadily for the rest of the day on the rough ground. Best rod on the day was Simon England from Leeds who ended up with 15 fish with a mixture of Cod, Ling, and Pollack.

Sunday saw a team of 7 taking the boat for the day. Phil Walker and his mates from around the Hornsea area joined us where we fished around the 9 mile ground for the first few hours with a steady picking of Cod and Ling being boated. With the forecast set to increase by mid afternoon we moved to a strip of ground on the 7 mile where we found some much better Cod and Ling. Cod to 11.5 lbs and Ling to 12 lbs were landed along with a good number of Pollack to just over 8 lb. A great days sport for all. 

Sadly, the forecast is set to be rubbish all this week so time for a few maintenance jobs on the boat. Hopefully the weather will improve for next weeks anglers. 
We do have some spaces left on a couple of the days. 
Tuesday 30th October – Room for 4 anglers. 
Thursday 1st November – Room for 4 anglers. 

Cheers and tight lines as ever!

Report on-board Shy-Torque III (September)

The last week here at Whitby has seen very mixed fortunes for our anglers.

Some days we have scratted around for very little indeed. Other days we have found a few. We are reckoning that this is due to the amount of feed in the water at present (millions of mackerel at the moment) The amount of Minke whales feeding is incredible.
On Tuesday last week we counted 30 at one point, all working in a 1 mile square. Hundreds of Gannets were also working the area too. It was like watching a Natural World programme on telly!

We have caught fish every time we have sailed but some days have been poor and others have been ok when we have got clear of the feed areas. (I do like to give a true and honest report of things)

Yesterday, we had one of our sponsors on board. Bob Ellis from Focus Training and his friend Richard chartered the boat just for themselves. With fantastic conditions we had a good run offshore for a change to see what things were like out there.
A slow start at first, but as the morning progressed the fishing came on really strong. By midday the lads had a couple of boxes of cod on board and at the end of the day they had over 200 lbs of fish!!

No big cod landed. The best fish falling to Richard at around 7 lbs.

A great days sport, great company and lovely weather too.

Bob & Richard pictured 1st inset.

The September competition is fast approaching and starts on the 15th September. £1000.00 1st prize!!!!
We still have some availability on the boat.

Dates with room are :-
Monday 17th. Room for 1.
Wednesday 19th. Room for 7 (after cancellation)
Tuesday 25th. Room for 9.
Wednesday 28th. Room for 8.
Thursday 27th. Room for 10.
Friday 28th. Room for 8.

Report from SHY TORQUE

Not had much of a chance to report just recently, what with the hectic summer competition just finishing.

A cracking 3 weeks fishing & weather too for all concerned with just 1 day out of the 23 lost to bad weather. Something of a record to be fair.

The fishing was good over the competition in general with some good bags of fish landed.  We didn’t manage the overall winner in this years event but did have a good sprinkling of daily prize winners for the lads.

Our best fish falling to Richard Todd from Hornsea. A nice ling of 15 lb 4 oz winning a 1st daily on the day.

The fishing continues to be good at Whitby.  The mackerel have started showing up in force too, on the doorstep, which is great news.

Rich Todd is pictured inset with our best of the competition.

Places available over the next couple of weeks are  :-

  • Thursday 26th July.   Room for 5.
  • Tuesday 31st  July.   Room for 4.
  • Wednesday 1st August.  Empty boat.  ( Will sail with just 4)
  • Thursday 2nd August.  Room for 3.

As ever, individuals are very welcome.

Tel   :—-    07733 233352   ( BOAT DIRECT)

07747 848406

01947 603472  ( 6.30 pm –  8.0 pm )

Email :—-  richardward384@yahoo.co.uk

Tight lines,



Report on-board Shy-Torque III

Pete Devonland from Warwickshire and his 6 mates joined us yesterday for their 1st trip of the year.

A nice gentle offshore breeze welcomed us on the morning so we decided a run to a couple of offshore wrecks was in order to start the day.

First stop didn’t produce much at all to be honest with just a couple of codling and a dozen mackerel coming up.

The second mark however proved to be a good move with fish coming aboard from the off. The lads took around 50 fish from it which pretty much saw us through to the end of the day as we had a good distance to run back home.

The fish of the day was this beauty caught by Terry from London weighing in at 17 lb 14 oz. My lad Adam reminded me that the Summer competition starts next weekend and it would have been great to catch him then! We will be chasing his bigger brother then!!!!!!

Great to see you all again lads and we look forward to sailing with you again.

Terry is pictured inset.



Tight lines

Terry from London weighing in at 17 lb 14 oz

Report on-board Shy-Torque III

A few good days, a few not so good days on the boat this last week.

The weather has been the main problem here on the East coast and has taken the edge off what was extremely good fishing a week ago. I would say the last few trips we have averaged around 30 to 40 cod per trip, which is a drop on the catch rate a week ago.

A Northerly swell has also hindered us a bit too, colouring the water up a bit on the more inshore marks. It will clear again soon though hopefully.

The summer comp starts here at Whitby on Sat 23rd June. We only have 2 days left now with any room.

They are :- 
Thursday 12th. Room for 2. Individuals very welcome.
Sunday 15th. Room for 2. Individuals very welcome. 

Tight lines,


Report On Board Shy-Torque III

Ricky Butler, big Alister and their mates from Leeds joined us on Monday for the first of their trips this year. 

I’d explained that we’d been working in very shallow water lately and they would be getting literally a full days angling in their 10 hour trip as we didn’t have to travel very far at all. 

We started off on the rock top just outside the harbour where we grabbed a few jumbo Mackerel and a few Codling to start the day. 

We then proceeded back to where we had been for the past 2 days and the lads were quite amazed at just how close to the shore we were when we stopped. Through the binoculars you could see rabbits running around on the side of the cliffs!! From the very start the lads were in to the cod catching on both the shads and the hokkai traces. A good number of double ups coming aboard on the multi hook traces. 

At the end of the day the lads ended up with well over 100 cod from the grounds. 

On the way back to port we had a stop at the “Bell bouy” to see if the mackerel were still there. They were. They bagged a further 70 -80 in just 2 drifts to take for the barbecue and friends. 

All in all a cracking day for the boys. 

Remember, the summer comp starts on the 23rd June.

£5000.00 Cash 1st prize!

Days left with room are :-

  • Mon 25th. Room for 4.
  • Thurs 12th July. Room for 6.
  • Sun 15th. Room for 6.

Individuals are welcome to join us as always. 

Cheers & tight lines as ever,

Latest Report From Shy-Torque: 4th of June 2018

Some quite superb fishing on the Shy-Torque III over the last 4 days with catches of cod exceeding the 100 mark !!!

The great thing too is that we are working literally 1/4 mile from the shore and even closer at some times, so stacks of fishing time for you. !!

The water is like gin inside at present and the fish are in a feeding frenzy taking anything you throw at them.

Come and grab a bag full whilst they are there!!

Tight lines.

Fishing Report from Rich ward Skipper of SHY TORQUE 2nd November 2017

Yet another fresh NW breeze welcomed us again yesterday here at Whitby, but as of late the forecast was to drop away all day long which thankfully it did. By 10am conditions for the offshore marks were good with a steady 10 mph Westerly breeze.

Shy Torque November

Tony Porter and his mates from Stoke on Trent joined us yesterday. The majority of the group were relatively new to the sea angling scene but were all well experienced fresh water anglers. With a little guidance and support we sharp had them knocking the fish out. The entire catch yesterday was caught on the bait. The best bait being squid again.

A good mixture of Cod and Ling for the lads. The best falling to the organiser Tony, a lovely Ling of 16 lb 15 oz.
Polish “Dolf” managed the second heaviest of the day, another fine Ling of 16 lb 1 oz.

Tony and the lads are due to fish with us again in about 3 weeks. Lets hope for some more great fishing then lads.

Dolf and Tony are pictured with the 2 best of the day.